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BSA Handbook for Operation On-Target: pp. 78-87 of:

Ken Cluff’s Varsity Vision newsletter (many articles about Operation On-Target in these back issues)

        Operation On-Target Articles by Ken Cluff and others
                Peak Experience:
                Mountain Top Memories:

Council Web pages for Operation On-Target:

AZ On Target webpage:
ID Snake River OT site:
ID/WY Grand Teton OT page:  &
NH On Target website:
NM On Target webpage:  ???
UT Great Salt Lake OT site:
UT Nat. Parks OT site:
   - UT Zion District OT site (St. George area):
UT Trapper Trails OT site:  AND

Communications for Operation On-Target:

The Annual APRS Golden Packet Event  coincides with
Operation ON-TARGET!

AZ Amateur Radio OT Communications Plan:
UT Amateur Radio OT Communications Plan:

Social Media for Operation On-Target:

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