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The official Varsity "Vee" pin for Operation On-Target can be ordered at the official online BSA store,, here:
as item 612316, "Varsity Pin - On Target", for $2.59 and in stock as of 7/3/2015.

Additionally, your local Operation On-Target coordinator may have a stock of these pins, or of regional pins for multiple-time or non-Varsity participants.

The following pins are available at the UNPC store. Contact is the following: 

The Varsity pins are $2.50, and are available at the Orem Scout Shop.
Contact: Chris Tomlinson

V Pin
VS Pin

The following pins are available from
Reuben Lambert
On Target 01-04Pin 97

2000 Pin

The following pin from Doug Hickman
is sold out.
Circle Pin